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The Britfield Institute is a non-profit, global think tank that collaborates with academics, business leaders, educators, producers, authors, and influencers who are committed to supporting education, family values, creativity, quality content, and the arts. We are dedicated to encouraging our youth to learn and grow. Creativity and leadership are at the core of our programs. Partnering with schools and organizations throughout the nation, Britfield wants to put creativity back into the classroom. Most children are highly gifted if given the proper opportunity and support. Their imaginations contain a wealth of original ideas and exciting innovations. Yet most of our educational organizations are designed to discourage creative thinking and undermine the very attributes that foster individualism and original thought. Based on our research, we have found that most children flourish when given the chance to write, paint, invent, build, dance, or learn music. These talents open a world of creativity that promotes ingenuity and visionary leadership.

Our hope is to impact students across the nation by exposing them to ideas that inspire creativity, ingenuity, and entrepreneurship. We want to redefine how students are educated and equip the next generation with the tools they will need to come up with brilliant new ideas. We want young people to grow up and become the best authors, entrepreneurs, artists, doctors, musicians, business leaders, diplomats, or software developers they can be. The Britfield Institute believes in family values, promoting the arts, and redefining media programing.

We appreciate any support. Because we are a not-for-profit, all donations are tax deductible and go directly to funding programs and scholarships for students and schools. You can donate by using the donate button below or sending a check to:


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