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The Britfield Institute is dedicated to encouraging young people to value knowledge.

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Most children are highly gifted if given the proper opportunity and support.

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The Britfield Institute is a not-for-profit, global think tank that collaborates with academics, business leaders, educators, producers, authors, and influencers who are committed to supporting education, family values, creativity, quality content, and the arts. Our council meets regularly to discuss issues such as improving our educational system, promoting the arts, and redefining media programming. The Britfield Institute conducts roundtables, seminars, and panels to encourage learning and share ideas and information with people around the world who are committed to improving our future. Working with schools and organizations across the country, we initiate interactive programs to engage students and promote creativity, leadership, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

“Nos tibi viam inveniam aut faciam”
(We will find a way or make one)

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